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Trimworld are industry leaders in new car leather upgrades, restorations, custom trimming, marine upholstery and general repair work. We use only the highest quality materials. From local and imported leather to modern fabrics and vinyls, we don’t compromise the quality of a finished product. Our modern techniques and skilled craftsmanship make us the number one choice for upholstery projects.

With over 30 years experience, we have catered for all types of work on many makes of cars, boats and other projects. Our focus is on customer service and the assurance that all projects are completed on time and exceed your expectations. We realise how important your car is to every day needs, so a same day service is always the goal to relieve the stress and hassle of not having a car.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Same day turnaround for most of our services
  2. Experience with projects of all scales and sizes
  3. Dedicated to delivering quality services every time
  4. Access to a large range of high quality materials
  5. Knowledge of both late and classic model cars
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