General Trimming & Repairs

Interior repairs, steering wheels and more

Interior repairs, steering wheels and more


With a large range of modern and older style fabrics at our disposal, seats can be repaired so that you no longer need to live with damaged and uncomfortable seats.

Interior Repairs

Torn and cracked seats can be easily repaired, as well as console lids, armrests and dashboards. As damage to interior carpet is also common, our moulded aftermarket replacement carpets are available in a wide range of colours to suit most late model vehicles. Same day service is always our goal for your convenience and satisfaction.

Steering Wheels & Gear Knobs

Due to constant and direct daily contact, steering wheels and gear knobs can quickly become damaged and worn. We can repair yours using only meticulously hand sewn techniques that are a true reflection of quality craftsmanship. You also have a number of choices when it comes to recovering these items;

  1. Colour of leather, plus plain or perforated sections.
  2. Colour of stitching.
  3. Two types of stitching, ‘Euro’ stitch or ‘Baseball’ stitch.
  4. Curved or straight joins.

Tonneau Covers

We specalise in the end-to-end production of tonneau covers for utes and trailers. Each tonneau cover is tailor made to ensure a perfect, customised fit every time. We utilise ‘RipStop’ PVC tonneau material specifically designed for use on utes and trailers to guarantee longevity. Included with each job is a made-to-fit tonneau bar to disperse water and prevent pooling, as well as your choice of continuous bungee cord or bungee loops.

Motorcycle Seats

Whether it’s a customised seat for a project or just simple wear and tear, we can help with your recovering your motorcycle seat. We also provide foam shaving for a personalised fit on your motorcycle or scooter. In most cases, removing some foam from the seat can make riding much easier for shorter people or increase comfort levels.

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